(Video) Strategy 3 of 3 – Equity Indexed Annuity

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Don’t let the word annuity scare you! Being able to take advantage of the upside of the market without the downside risk is possible! They are not for everyone, but an annuity could be an integral part of your retirement plan. Video Transcript Hello everybody! How are we doing today? Yeah, I can write upside […]

(Video) Strategy 2 of 3 – Money Managers

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This is not your father’s stock market! The days of “buy and hold” strategies are going the way of the Dodo bird. Find out how a different dynamic strategy might be able to give you a life jacket in the current stormy seas of the market. Come learn about Money Managers! Video Transcript Hey everybody […]

(Video) Strategy 1 of 3: Roth Conversion

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Right now may be the “perfect storm” for you to convert your IRA to a ROTH. See why current taxation, market conditions, and the future may give you a boost during this time of uncertainty. Transcript of (Video) Strategy: 1 of 3 – Roth Conversion Good afternoon everybody! Hope this video finds you well! Great […]

Before You Leave The Teaching Profession, Make sure to read this first!

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Oh no! What if I have already left? Just breathe and keep reading, if you have already left the teching profession, it will be ok! If you haven’t left yet and are still planning lessons,maybe you have considered calling it quits a time or ten. My departure was intentional, well partially. I had been teaching […]

Teacher Teaching Teachers!

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I dislike the saying attributed to Shaw: “He who can does, he who cannot, teaches.” Really? Try handling what I lovingly would refer to as “the bell from hell”: 25 squirrely 16-year-olds during the last class of the day. The fidgeting, due to copious amounts of Mountain Dew at lunch, really did distract from our […]