Learn How To Retire Confidently!

“The “Ultimate Retirement Guide for Healthcare Professionals: Nurse Edition” utilizes the Hudson BREATHE Formula, ensuring all major aspects of your retirement are accounted for and managed properly.

The “Ultimate Retirement Guide” for Nurses

This guide, created by advisors close to Nurses, is your own personal mini textbook on retiring from the health care profession! How great is that?!

Whether you are getting ready to leave healthcare, or are already retired, you probably have a lot of questions!

You may find the financial planning aspect to be more daunting than you anticipated. All of a sudden, you’re forced to answer questions like:

  • How do I invest my assets for retirement?
  • How often should I review or tweak my planning?
  • When do I take Social Security?
  • And how do I find a qualified advisor to help navigate through all of this?

That is why we wrote “The Ultimate Retirement Guide For Healthcare Professionals: Nurse Edition”.

This Guide is Jam Packed with Tips For Nurses!

  • Tips on Social Security, Including how to get your own Social Security Maximization Report!
  • Information on how to best  leverage your Retirement account(s)!
  • Become informed: “Will a Backdoor ROTH IRA work for me?”
  • A discussion on Risk with an opportunity to test your own true risk score!
  • The three options for your Retirement account(s), and the pros and cons of each choice!
  • Ways to designate money in your retirement to best leverage your assets!
  • 5 Critical Steps To reduce Taxation in Retirement!
  • An Overview of Your Medicare Options!
  • Estate planning tips!
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