About us

Here at Hudson Wealth Management, we take a holistic and comprehensive approach to Retirement and Medicare planning. Our primary focus is getting to know you personally at a higher level: your concerns, dreams, and aspirations in your retirement. Similarly, to when you go to the doctor’s office, we don’t believe in recommending a solution until we get an in-depth understanding of these important aspects of your life. Only then can we diagnose if there is an area of concern or improvement.
Hudson Wealth Management offers a wide range of insurance and financial products and services to individuals and business owners. By seeking our sound financial information, we believe you will be better able to identify your goals and make sound decisions, to help you reach these goals.


  • Creating the best client experience you will find in this industry
  • Making a difference on the financial lives of those approaching and in retirement
  • Giving back to seniors in need in our community

Have mixed drinks, not mixed feelings over your retirement plan.

Retirement shouldn’t be a time of confusion and worry, you’ve stressed enough in your life, you should be able to finally relax knowing your finances are handled and you’re covered. We’ll help you get started today with a review in the comfort of your own home.