Joe Namath Medicare Commercial: Too Good To True?

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Medicare

What the heck is Broadway Joe doing now?

What memories do you have of Joe Namath? Could it be Broadway Joe leading the New York Jets to their first and only Superbowl?  Or possibly you remember his famous drunken moment in 2003. The one when he told Suzy Kolber, “I want to kiss you.” Not Joe’s proudest moment on Television. Nevertheless, Joe is comfortably uncomfortable in the national spotlight. Promoting things he deeply cares about, such as Brut cologne and popcorn makers. What about these Joe Namath Medicare commercials you’ve probably seen on TV?

Joe Namath Medicare Commercial:

Joe’s latest stint in the TV commercial world is in the health insurance field. He insists on telling senior citizens on medicare they’re “entitled to extra benefits, and that you need to get everything you’re entitled to.”

These commercials tell you everything you want to hear, while leaving out what you NEED to know. So what’s all this mumbo jumbo Joe?

“Do I actually get free dental, hearing, and vision coverage?” – I’ve answered this question hundreds of times in the last enrollment period. The good news is, yes; you get free d/h/v cleanings and exams! However for any procedure required beyond a cleaning and x-ray you will be paying for those costs out-of-pocket, which can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. 

I have to admit Joe does an extraordinary job at peaking your interest, because everyone wants some of the bells and whistles offered in these Medicare Advantage plans, but more importantly consumer’s are intrigued by anything that’s “free.” 

This is where I urge you to be very careful. These plans do have a time and a place, but are certainly not for everyone. 

While some consumers aren’t comfortable with spending an extra $100-150 per month to get outstanding coverage with a Medigap policy, this leaves them with an option to get some coverage rather than paying 20%.

After working in the health insurance industry for several years, the most common issue I’ve run into is that when many folks go onto medicare for the first time… they weren’t shown ALL of their options. If you’re someone who feels they weren’t shown ALL the top options you don’t have to wait until October to look over your medicare. 

Sadly, if you call the Joe Namath medicare hotline, you are only going to be shown the option that puts more out of pocket costs onto the consumer while giving more money to the government.  

Going onto medicare is one of the biggest changes folks will go through in their adult life and it’s imperative to meet with an Independent Insurance advisor that works with all the top options in the area to ensure you are getting the coverage you need at a price you can afford. 

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