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Are You Ready To Retire From The Trades?

“How do you know it’s time to retire from the trades? It’s when you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it!” Why did you decide to retire when you did? A lot of you would probably say, “I’m too old, I should have retired ten years ago.” Or “My body can’t keep up with the strenuous work.”

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3 Critical Decisions Retiring Construction Workers Must Make

As a retired construction worker you’ve spent your whole life building and creating things. You’ve mudded walls, you’ve butted joints, you’ve done slump tests and trussed until you couldn’t truss anymore. You’ve solved problems on a daily basis and created the dwelling and working places of so many people! You are a genius, right? And then you decide to retire,

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Why All Independent Contractors Need Life Insurance

Life insurance is not an appealing subject. It’s not something that people enjoy talking about with friends or family at the dinner table. However, most everyone I talk to can see the value in these types of protection policies. Unfortunately, they often put off purchasing a policy and don’t get around to it. Then when they finally do get around

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