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Retiring as a Registered Nurse?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone across the world. One profession that has had to rise above the hardships was Nurses. In the aftermath of the “Year of the Nurse”, the Hudson Agency wants to say thank you for being there in our time of need and continuing to be there for us. We want to

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Retiring Healthcare Professionals: Three vital planning opportunities

(Vital..see what I did there?  ?) Are you ready to take on retirement planning at 50? Whether you are or not, read on for some helpful tips! Retirement Planning at 50 Happy Birthday! You’ve just turned 50. The big Five-OH! After the balloons deflate and the streamers and ribbons settle, a realization may start to creep in. “I’m just as

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Million Dollar Mistakes Hiding in Nurse Retirement Plans: The Top 3

Most healthcare workers will agree that contributing to your nurse retirement plan is the smart thing to do (who doesn’t love a bonus from the hospital).  Additionally, many financial radio personalities will tell you to max out your 401k and forget it, touting it as the crystal clear path to retirement. I often tell the healthcare 401k participants I work

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8 Step Pandemic Layoff Survival Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Here is an 8 Step Pandemic Layoff Survival Guide for Healthcare Professionals 1. Stay calm  We get it, a pandemic layoff can be scary, but you’re going to be okay. Leave your job on the best of terms and don’t burn any bridges. Your employer is probably also having a hard time laying off a sizable chunk of you and

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Doctor and RN Retirement: Top 3 Financial Pitfalls

Doctor and RN Retirement: Top 3 Financial Pitfalls Merriam Webster defines a pitfall as, “a hidden or not easily recognized danger or difficulty.” Physical pitfalls can make a hiker twist an ankle. Similarly, retirement pitfalls can twist retirement plans! There are three main financial dangers that all healthcare professionals face in retirement. Although everyone’s situation is different, handling these concerns

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3 Crucial Steps for Healthcare Professionals approaching Retirement

Retirement is one of the biggest lifestyle changes in anyone’s adult life. Anticipating the change can be daunting or exciting depending on how you view it! It represents a major shift in our schedule, habits, and the way we think. Though healthcare professionals do tend to work longer than most . A 2017 study found the average retirement age of

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